Top 7 Facts About Courier Services That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 7 Facts About Courier Services That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 7 Facts About Courier Services That Will Blow Your Mind

Most people consider courier services to be boring, highly corporate services that know no adventure, but let’s tell you: that’s not true! Courier services could be very adventurous at times.

Here’s a quick example, a man once ordered a courier service to deliver an entire building, and it was a success. Well, the service didn’t exactly stuff the building in a van and delivered it to another place, but instead, made 50-pound packages of bricks and delivered them. Doing so, the man got his material delivered at a cost four times lesser than what he’d have to pay for wagon freight.

There are numerous other interesting facts about courier services that could leave you in awe. Interested? Let’s have a look at the top 7 facts about courier services that are set to amaze you.

1. Courier services have existed for long, like really long

It’s said courier services have existed for as long as civilization has. However, these services weren’t mostly used to deliver items. Instead, they were used to deliver written messages as there were no email and other messaging services at that time. Simply put, pharaohs were using courier services to send secret messages to each other!

2.The largest courier service in the world

United Parcel Service is the largest courier service today, but do you know how it was launched? Well, two teenagers started it more than a century ago, in 1907 to be specific. At that time, it was known as the American Messenger Company. Who knew a startup by two teenagers would turn out to be the world’s largest courier service a century later.

3.The daily number of delivered packages

Here’s an interesting fact telling you how significant delivery services are. According to an estimate, more than 15 million packages are delivered around the globe daily by different courier services. However, another estimate ruled the previous one out and stated the latest figure is 25 million packages daily. Who knew haulage is such a massive industry!

4.Courier services can temperature-controlled products deliver

Modern courier services can deliver stuff which older gens couldn’t have imagined to deliver. For instance, it would have been impossible to deliver a stack of frozen products a few decades ago but provided the technology today, that’s a viable option. Modern courier services can deliver all kinds of products that have to be delivered at a specific temperature.

5.The word “mail” is derived from “male”

That’s right, the word “mail” was taken from the word “male”. However, even though “male” is a gender today, it hasn’t been the case since forever. In earlier times, the word “male” meant “traveling bag” — and that’s how we got this derivation.

6.Featured in a movie

While movies mostly rely on made-up names for companies and services for storytelling, there’s a movie that used a real courier service. In the movie “Cast Away”, the main character Chuck Noland worked at the courier service FedEx.

7. Courier services can deliver some pretty strange stuff

We gave you a little intro to how adventurous courier services can be when it comes to delivering versatile things, but it’s time to go a bit deeper.A courier service once delivered a dead cat. Yes, you read that right! There was a couple settled in Yorkshire, UK. When they were on vacation at their holiday house, their beloved cat died at their Yorkshire home. They loved the cat too much to just let it go, so they ordered a courier service to deliver it to their holiday home. The service delivered the dead cat to their holiday home in a temperature-controlled environment so the body didn’t rot. Here’s another story involving another animal; don’t worry it’s not a dead one! This one is from England and involves another couple on vacation. The daughter had a pet hamster at home which got too stressed when it felt alone for too long. The caretaker informed the father the hamster was stressing out, so he started finding a courier service that could safely deliver the animal to the holiday home.

Final thoughts

As you’ve probably figured out by now, courier services can be pretty fun!

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